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Welcome to Folegandros Weddings, Where Dreams Unfold

Tell us about your dream Wedding, Elopement, Ceremony or other Event and together we can make it happen in Folegandros island in Cyclades, Greece. Destination wedding planning."

In the heart of the Cyclades, on the picturesque island of Folegandros, your love story finds its perfect chapter. At Folegandros Weddings, we believe in weaving dreams into reality, creating bespoke celebrations that resonate with the unique heartbeat of each couple.
Your Love, Your Way: Imagine a wedding as unique as your love. Here in Folegandros, we specialize in crafting custom weddings tailored to your dreams and desires. Your story becomes the inspiration, and our experienced team of planners turns every nuance into a moment that's exclusively yours.
A Symphony of Scenery: Folegandros, with its special scenery, becomes the canvas for your love story. Picture exchanging vows against the backdrop of azure waters, golden sunsets, and the gentle caress of the Aegean breeze. Our island is not just a destination; it's an emotion waiting to unfold.
Floral Poetry: Our floral designers don't just arrange flowers; they compose poetry. Each bloom, a stanza echoing the beauty of Folegandros, comes together to create an enchanting symphony of colors, scents, and emotions, making your celebration an ode to love.
Capturing Moments, Creating Memories: Moments are fleeting, but memories last a lifetime. Our collaboration with talented photographers ensures that every stolen glance, every tear of joy, and every laughter-filled dance is captured with authenticity, preserving the essence of your unique love story.
Where Your Dreams Take Flight: Folegandros Weddings is not just about planning; it's about crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, we turn your dreams into a reality, creating a wedding day that's as extraordinary as your love.
Embark on Your Journey: Let the journey to your Folegandros wedding adventure begin. Reach out to us, and together, we'll embark on a voyage to craft a celebration that encapsulates the depth of your emotions and the uniqueness of your love story. Our office is located in Hora, Folegandros Center.

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Vicky is an absolute angel, such a professional, really elegant, polite, organising every detail to perfection so that our wedding day is stress free. Such a pleasure to work with her and her sister Katerina. Thank you so much!

Foteini + Antonis

We had a 3 days wedding celebration in Folegandros. Vicky and her team planned, organized and execute all the events as discussed. Everything was wonderful and we had an amazing time. Thank you!


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value We used Folegandros Weddings for our Greek wedding celebration, and we can't be happier. Vicky is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and ful of excellent ideas. She was a delight to work with, always replied to our emails promptly, and helped us plan the best wedding. I cannot thank her enough, and cannot rate her highly enough.


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Folegandros Weddings

Folegandros Weddings

Destination Wedding Planning in Folegandros: Craft Your Cycladic Love Story!

Entrust your dream wedding to us in Folegandros, where every detail is meticulously planned against the stunning backdrop of the Aegean. Our specialized wedding planning services ensure a seamless experience, from choosing unique venues to vibrant floral arrangements. Let Folegandros Weddings transform your vision into reality. Contact us to embark on a stress-free journey to your dream Cycladic destination wedding.

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